DURREX Pump and Parts

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DURREX  Twin-Rotor Lobe Pump

Twin-Rotor Lobe Pump are multi-functional and bi-directional positive displacement pumps, produced with fine technology. The manufacturing engineering and precision of the pumps approach the advanced level of the world.

These products use synchronic rotors, driven by a pair of synchronic gears in the gear box. Transmitted by the main shaft and sub-shaft. The rotors move synchronically in the counter-clockwise directions, which, consequently, varies the pump capacity and builds up high vacuum capacity and emission pressure. It is particularly suitable to pump sanitary medium, high-corrosive and high-viscous medium.

These products consist of two series: sanitary type and high corrosive type; in structure they fall into two varieties: high pressure with high viscosity and high pressure with low viscosity. The core parts and sealing devices of the products are made of different materials and sealing methods, based on the properties of the different medium. These special designs greatly help the transmission performance of the pumps.

The products can be widely used in petrochemical industry, fine chemistry, consumer industry, pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff industry, environmental protection, paper-making, chemical fiber, painting, metallurgy, oil field and so on.

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