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Kami adalah Authorized Seller dari Kangwei Pump.

Kami menjual pump dan spare parts dari semua type Kangwei Pump.

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KANGWEI  IHD Series Pump

Independently developed by the company, the IHD model stainless steel food pharmaceutical and biochemical process pump is a nationally advanced product carrying independent intellectual property rights. Adopting the combination of the auxiliary impeller seal and mechanical seal, the IHD model pump is especially suitable for conveying suspensions that contain solid particles of certain concentration. Under the action of the auxiliary impeller, it can reduce the concentration and pressure of solid particles in the seal chamber and improve the working environment of the mechanical seal so as enhance the service life of the mechanical seal.

Application of the Kangwei IHD Series

1. Food and Medicine

Starch, starch sugar, citric acid, glutamic acid, brewing industry, beverage industry, dairy industry, fruit processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

2. Enviromental Protection and Energy

Sewage treatment, agriculture, building industry, mining and smelting industry, renewable energy, waste water and drinking water purification, etc.

3. Chemical Industry,  Pulp and Paper

Biofuel, chemical and biochemical industry, leather products, pulp and paper, textile industry, etc

4. Petroleum and Natural Gas

Petroleum transportation, petrochemical industry, oil refining industry, etc


KANGWEI KSP  Beer Engineering Pump

The KSP beer engineering pump is a single-stage cantilever type centrifugal pump. It’s body is made of austenitic stainless steel stipulated in GB/T3280. The seal ring in the pump is made of food-grade high temperature resistant rubber. There is no dead corner in the pump cavity. The surfaces of parts that contact materials are subject to sand blasting and polishing treatment with a low surface roughness in accordance with sanitary standards. The product is mainly used for conveying fluid materials in such industries as beer, dairy products, medicine, biochemical industry, etc.


KANGWEI KZB  Seal-Free Self-Control Self-Priming Pump

The KZB model seal-free self-control self-priming pump is a new generation self-priming product developed on the basis of adopting the most advanced gas-liquid separation technology in the world. Adopting the principle of vacuum pumps, this pump has high gas-liquid separation speed, and the self-priming height can reach 9m. It adopts a special reflow structure with low loss. Compared with other similar products in China, its efficiency is enhanced by more than 5%. The special sealing structure is adopted to thoroughly solve the leakage problem. The product has such advantage as temperature resistance, pressure resistance, wear resistance,  “permanent self-priming after initial darinage has been carried out”, etc. In addition, it also has excellent self-control performance and automatic remote control can be realized.


KANGWEI KW High Viscosity Pump

The KW model High Viscosity Pump is a cam rotor pump, which is specially designed to gently convey materials of high viscosity or those cointaining particles. Is is suitable for sanitary and aseptic applications. The handling of materials is very gentle and the rotation speed is low. The conveying speed is adjustable. The conveyed materials are output stably without any damage to their ingredients. It is especially suitable for media that may easily produce bubbles, those of high viscosity and strength, and those containing particles. Without any physical or chemical reaction, the original quality of the conveyed materials remain unchanged. The conveying flow can be controlled  in a relatively accurate way and it can also serve as a metering pump.


KANGWEI KCP Sanitary Centrifugal Pump

The KCP series sanitary centrifugal pump is a single-stage, single-suction centrifugal pump. With the elaborately designed pump shell and impeller, the pump has such anvantages as high efficiency, energy saving, no dead corner of sanitation, easily cleaning, etc. The pump shell, pump cover and the impeller of KCP series sanitary centrifugal pump are all made of high quality stainless steel 304 or 316L. The motor is provided with stainless steel protective cover. The interior surfaces are subject to mirror polishing to a roughness of Ra0.28μm, and the external cover is subject to wire drawing matte treatment, conforming to GMP requirements. Is is mainly used for conveying clean liquid materials that contain no solid particles in such industries as medicine, alcohol, food, chemical industry, beverage, etc.


KANGWEI FJX Forced Circulation Pump

The FJX model forced circulation pump is a horizontal single-stage single-suction cantilever type axial flow pump. It is a pump that conveys the liquids along the axis through the acting force produced by blades of the rotary impeller on the liquids. It is a high-flow and low-lift pump that works by making use of the thrust produced by the rotating impeller on the liquids. The axial flow pump leads the fluids to the outlet by using the thrust of the vanes. The fluids flow in and out axially . it is mainly used in high-flow and low-lift chemical processes, and is especially suitable for forced circulation process systems including evaporation, concentration, crystallization, material circulation, etc, in such industries as alkali making, salt making and fermentation industries, metallurgy, etc.


KANGWEI HW Mixed Flow Pump

Working under the joint action of centrifugal force and thrust produced by the rotation of the impeller, the mixed-flow pump is a complex of the centrifugal pump and axial flow pomp. As the liquid runs out of the impeller in a diagonal direction , it is also called the diagonal flow pump. Therefore, it is a kind of pump between the centrifugal pump and axial flow pump. The specific speed of the mixed flow pump is higher than that of the centrifugal pump and lower than that of the axial flow pump, generally between 300 and 500. Its lift is higher than that of the axial flow pump, but its flow is lower than that of the axial flow pump and higher than that of the centrifugal pump. It integrates the advantages of the centrifugal pump and axial flow pump. With simple structure, wide high- efficiency area and convenient use, it is suitable for conveying clean and contaminated media, chemically neutral or corrosive media in forced circulation of chemical processes, mariculture, urban gas projects, water treatment systems, etc.


KANGWEI KHZ  Anticorrosive Centrifugal Pump

The KHZ model anticorrosive centrifugal pump is a single-stage single-suction cantilever type centrifugal pump. Its size and performance conform to the ISO2858, GB5656 standards. The performance range of the KHZ series pump covers all performance of the IH series standard chemical pump, and its efficiency, cavitation performance and other indexes are superior to those of the IH pump. It is interchangeable with CZ, ZA model pumps. The pump can meet the pump using demands in such industries as biological treatment, bio-energy Installations, petrochemical Industry electric power, steel, etc. It is especially suitable for applications with vacuum feeding.


KANGWEI KZBW Sanitary Self-priming Pump

The KZBW model sanitary self-priming pump is also called the aseptic self-priming pump, which is specially designed to handle fluid materials that contain some gases. It is designed with an open impeller. Its inside is subject to mirror polishing without any dead corner. There are no residues after cleaning and the noise is low. Conforming to the GMP quality standard, it is widely used for sucking materials in various applications with unstable liquid levels, or even those in which the liquid level is lower than the pump inlet. It is mainly applied in such applications as food, alcohol, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. It can also be used as a return pump in the CIP deaning system.


Kami adalah Authorized Seller dari DURREX  Pump di Indonesia.

Kami menjual pump dan spare parts dari semua type DURREX Pump.

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DURREX  Twin-Rotor Lobe Pump

Twin-Rotor Lobe Pump are multi-functional and bi-directional positive displacement pumps, produced with fine technology. The manufacturing engineering and precision of the pumps approach the advanced level of the world.

These products use synchronic rotors, driven by a pair of synchronic gears in the gear box. Transmitted by the main shaft and sub-shaft. The rotors move synchronically in the counter-clockwise directions, which, consequently, varies the pump capacity and builds up high vacuum capacity and emission pressure. It is particularly suitable to pump sanitary medium, high-corrosive and high-viscous medium.

These products consist of two series: sanitary type and high corrosive type; in structure they fall into two varieties: high pressure with high viscosity and high pressure with low viscosity. The core parts and sealing devices of the products are made of different materials and sealing methods, based on the properties of the different medium. These special designs greatly help the transmission performance of the pumps.

The products can be widely used in petrochemical industry, fine chemistry, consumer industry, pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff industry, environmental protection, paper-making, chemical fiber, painting, metallurgy, oil field and so on.


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